The days before Christmas

20121225-020645.jpgThe days before Christmas always tend to be very busy ones. There are the obvious parties being thrown by friends, the company I work for and such. There is often the late Christmas shopping that needs to be done. Apart from that, there always pops up the weekend before and I need to catch up with my blogging as well. To fit this all into four days is hard enough as it is. Now today I had to fit in working, a Christmas party and attending a birthday party as well. Challenging really! Continue reading


A snow cold Friday

mzl.zmhqfmwv.175x175-75In every song people sing about how wonderful it would be to have a white Christmas. Knowing this you would think everyone would be happy when Mother Nature decides to give us some snow. Since it’s only a few more weeks until Christmas comes around, now is the time for snow and such. Well, the opposite turned out to be true, because we could not cope with the snow that was falling just this morning. Continue reading