A friendly dinner with colleagues

sushi2-291x300In order to perform at a high standard, a department, within a company, should cooperate as a team. To achieve just that, a team building session or an occasional get away might be the perfect tool. Yesterday, the team I work in at the company I work for had such an occasional get away. After a few weeks of debating, we all agreed to have dinner together at a sushi restaurant in a city nearby. Just to meet one another in a different setting.

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Crazy Friday

The past weekend has been busy, but my week has been kind of slow as my blog shows. Nothing much happened really, until the last day of my working week. That Friday became what I like to call a pretty busy day. There were two appointments I had to go to, a little social event at the company I work for and of course, Friday Night Football with my team. All fun things to do, but a bit (too) much for one day maybe? Continue reading

It is been a long long time ago

Until yesterday the week had been a very slow one, because I wasn’t feeling all too well. Really, I felt just ugh and my voice was pretty husky and such. No bueno. It caused me to stay inside for most of it. Okay, I got to work and all as I wasn’t feeling really sick or anything. Yet, I also felt the urge to go out and just do stuff. Therefore I met up with a friend, who I had not seen in a very long time. So it was about time for us to catch up. Continue reading