A friendly dinner with colleagues

sushi2-291x300In order to perform at a high standard, a department, within a company, should cooperate as a team. To achieve just that, a team building session or an occasional get away might be the perfect tool. Yesterday, the team I work in at the company I work for had such an occasional get away. After a few weeks of debating, we all agreed to have dinner together at a sushi restaurant in a city nearby. Just to meet one another in a different setting.

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Three in a row

After two great nights out I found it was time to catch up with some of the sleep I had lost over the past two days. Moreover as I knew today would bring me a birthday party a friend of mine would throw and another night of clubbing. Therefore I refused to get out of my bed until late in the morning. I needed it, because I didn’t wake up until I heard movement somewhere in the house, so than I found it time to get out of bed. Continue reading