A lovely Amsterdam day

Yesterday I promised two lovely genuine friends to meet them in Amsterdam. To make sure I would make up well on time, I set the alarm clock. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it right. Instead of the alarm going off at half past ten, my alarm sounded five minutes to eight. This is the time I have to get up in order to be one time for work. Then I set the right alarm, slept for a few more hours and then got up and got ready to go. Continue reading


Business and football

Monday is never my best day of the week, because I am usually a slow starter. Not to mention the fact it’s that first day just after the weekend. Then again, this Monday proved to be different as it had more to offer than just the start. During this first night of the week I had to attend a company event, with clients. In the business club off the football club we’re sponsoring, Sparta Rotterdam. Quite an exciting prospect. Continue reading

Grandmothers’ grand birthday

Yesterday my grandmother had her 81st birthday. When you come to think of it, that’s quite an impressive age and I feel lucky to still have her in my life. When one reaches such an impressive age, I believe that every birthday should be special in some way. It makes you more aware that she might be gone soon. So therefore I wanted to give her something special. A memory and moment we could both enjoy and remember. Continue reading

Swept of my feet

After I met up with an old friend on Thursday, I had to get back to work on Friday. Now I have never been good at getting up early, especially not after a short night of sleep. With his upcoming cold, it was even harder, because I didn’t feel all that well. Still, I pulled myself out of bed and got over to the office anyway. As I am really not the type to give in to a small cold in the first place. Not to mention some exciting stuff was still to come. Continue reading

Dinner party Saturday

Yesterday I told you all about the Friday after the Coldplay concert. Well, thanks to that busy day my body hurt like it had been hit by a truck. Honestly, when I woke up this morning, my legs felt so sore and all. Then again, it only means that I am well alive and that I gave all I had during the training session on Friday, right? Besides, there wasn’t much room to feel sorry for myself, because Saturday was busy as well.

Continue reading

Non regular Tuesday

Today was supposed to be just another regular Tuesday. You know, the kind of day where I wake up, eat breakfast and drink some coffee before I get my ass over to the office. Just to have another casual day of work and then head home. Okay, I in the meantime I have and even get into town to have a better cup of coffee, but that’s about as exciting as it gets. Then I go home, have dinner with my family and check my e-mail afterwards. All finished in time to get my ass over to the football club for a trainings night, but as you all very well understand already. Today not the day it was supposed to be. Continue reading