Together we can change

20121225-013948.jpgOver the past few years a lot of people integraded social media in their lives. Personally I can barely imagine not having Facebook, Twitter or WordPress anymore. Therefore I often acknowledge the changes they make when it comes to their terms. Until I read Instagram took the liberty to share my pictures with third parties. Without letting us know it and without us actually giving permission to do so. The result? A major protest from the online community. With success. Continue reading →


What happened to respect?

41-4zzPyo0L._SL500_AA300_Sometimes I feel it is good to just take a moment and stand still for what is going on in this world. That’s every much needed to realize what is really going on in the world around us. Only this weekend something horrible happened. An event that can’t denied. This weekend A voluntary linesman was beaten to death, because he supposedly made some bad decisions. Really people, how the f*ck did we got to that point? Continue reading →

A hundred thousand celebration

My other blog, Experification, has reached a truly magnificent landmark. A milestone really. Yesterday that blog got to a hundred thousand views. Way more than I ever expected to gain in a little over two years of blogging. Therefore I would just like to stand still for a moment and celebrate this. I mean, this is quite an achievement, right? Well, I believe it is and it makes me so grateful and humble. That calls for a celebration. Continue reading

the parallel universe called love

Love is the parallel universe through which we struggle at the same time as we struggle through life. On our journey to find the one love that will complete us, we stumble, fall and get up again. To keep climbing. Leaving a trail of joint tears, to never get back to as well all burn the bridges behind us. For the simple reason we all believe it went wrong for one reason or another. But what would you do if you cross paths ten years later? Continue reading →

A navy blue winter

Yesterday I promised you all that I would show more about my new coat for this winter. When I made this promise, I committed myself to something new. Something that I actually find scary. Showing a picture of myself. I have been blogging for over two years, including my blog Experification, but always hide away from the camera. A tradition I like to break today, to make this blog even more personal. Are you ready? Continue reading

The Haren horror show

I guess who Holland had heard from a birthday party in Haren, that was going to turn into a real Project X. Even though law enforcement agencies said there would be none, thousands of people came. Everyone hoped for the best, but once I was done with my football training and we turned on the TV, the opposite turned out true. The mess was beyond words and it made me both angry and terrified at the same time. Continue Reading