A lovely Saturday

Saturday started out as a little minor. First of all I had set the alarm to wake me up at ten o’clock. Well, it did so, but instead of snooze, I stopped it. So I slept on for another half an hour and got up way later than I hoped for. After that, I was supposed to meet up with a friend of mine, but she was forced to cancel it due to sickness. Not the best way to start my Saturday, but I wasn’t going to let these setbacks spoil the day. Continue reading


Friday = Birthday time

I love having a big family and all. Even more when I was a kid, because it always got me lots of presents for my birthday and such. Now my brother and I are growing older, it’s not that fun anymore. It often means that we have to celebrate our birthday two or three times at least. One time for the family, one time for friends of the family and lastly for our own friends. Last Friday the last group came over to celebrate. Could be fun, right? Continue reading

Non regular Tuesday

Today was supposed to be just another regular Tuesday. You know, the kind of day where I wake up, eat breakfast and drink some coffee before I get my ass over to the office. Just to have another casual day of work and then head home. Okay, I in the meantime I have and even get into town to have a better cup of coffee, but that’s about as exciting as it gets. Then I go home, have dinner with my family and check my e-mail afterwards. All finished in time to get my ass over to the football club for a trainings night, but as you all very well understand already. Today not the day it was supposed to be. Continue reading

Birthday weekend

Last weekend mostly consisted of my family celebrating both my father’s and my brother’s birthday. This meant eating lots of cakes, having family over having drinks and listen to the same old stories we tell at every birthday. You know, just the things we all like have to do on an average birthday, right? Though personally, having to spend the whole weekend entertaining family and eating lots of unhealthy food is not really my cup of tea. I do love birthday parties and I sure love to attend them. Just not when I am obligated to stay throughout two days and entertain the whole crowd. Including serving drinks, cake and other foods. Continue reading