Grandmothers’ grand birthday

Yesterday my grandmother had her 81st birthday. When you come to think of it, that’s quite an impressive age and I feel lucky to still have her in my life. When one reaches such an impressive age, I believe that every birthday should be special in some way. It makes you more aware that she might be gone soon. So therefore I wanted to give her something special. A memory and moment we could both enjoy and remember. Continue reading


In memorial

Today it has been exactly a year since my grandfather passed away. No-one ever expected him to pass way. He still seemed so healthy, happy and busy. No, it came unexpected to everyone. All of the sudden I had lost someone who I loved dearly. Right until this very I can’t recall any day being harder than this particular day. So today I’d like to take a moment to stand still by a great man who I miss every single day. Continue reading