The days before Christmas

20121225-020645.jpgThe days before Christmas always tend to be very busy ones. There are the obvious parties being thrown by friends, the company I work for and such. There is often the late Christmas shopping that needs to be done. Apart from that, there always pops up the weekend before and I need to catch up with my blogging as well. To fit this all into four days is hard enough as it is. Now today I had to fit in working, a Christmas party and attending a birthday party as well. Challenging really! Continue reading


Great friends make great nights

Yes, my dear Friends! It is Wednesday already and that means tomorrow I will be attending the Coldplay concert in Holland! Getting jealous already? Well, that’s good, because I just know it is going to be epic. And hell yes, I am super excited to finally go see them live. All with the help of a great colleague who helped me by ticket in the pre-sale. Then again, first there was this Wednesday to get passed. Though it wasn’t going to be hard, because there has been lots of things to do really. Continue reading