A brand new addition

t-shirtFor those who don’t yet know me all too well, I do have an enormous collection of t-shirts. All of them have a different print on either the front or back. There are at least 20 to 25 different t-shirts hanging in my closet. A dozen others just lay on the top shelf, waiting for that rare moment that I run out of t-shirts to wear. Yes, every time I enter a store and see a t-shirt that I like, I can’t help myself but buy it and extend my collection. Continue reading


Hectic day, lazy night

683shopping_mallAfter an already busy week I still decided it was time to play some football anyway. To my own surprise this went pretty well, until the moment where cramp set in and made it kind a hard for me to play. Knowing there was a busy Saturday lying ahead, I called it a night and got to the shower. Okay, I stuck around for a while to have couple of drinks with my teammates, but made sure I woke fresh Saturday morning. Continue reading

A lovely Amsterdam day

Yesterday I promised two lovely genuine friends to meet them in Amsterdam. To make sure I would make up well on time, I set the alarm clock. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it right. Instead of the alarm going off at half past ten, my alarm sounded five minutes to eight. This is the time I have to get up in order to be one time for work. Then I set the right alarm, slept for a few more hours and then got up and got ready to go. Continue reading