Birthday mom part II

11949867001754692741balloons_01.svg.medAs I mentioned in Wednesday’s blog about my mother’s birthday, the other half of the family would come today. Friday. This time it was my father’s family’s turn to show up at our doorstep. It was almost four months ago since I saw them last time and some I had not seen for at least a year. Somehow they don’t have a real strong bond with my parents, my brother or I. Still, it was nice to see them again anyway. Continue reading


Birthday mom

animaatjes-happy_birthday-78959A couple of days ago I wrote about the horror I had to put myself true in order to get my mother a birthday present. Today finally was the day to present her with the little gifts we bought for her. Always a nerve wrecking moment, because I didn’t really stick with just the wish list she presented to us. So I was really curious to find out whether or not she would like the present that did not come of her initial list. Surprise mom! Continue reading

Jason Mraz made it a virtuous night

Since I started blogging I have been to a few concerts already and this week I had another one. A very welcome one after the night at the Amsterdam ArenA, that caused me mixed feelings. In order to get rid of this sour taste, I was going to see Jason Mraz perform in the Ziggo Dome. Well, who would not just love to see that? I know I was looking forward to this very concert for quite a few months already. So I was quite excited. Continue reading

History of Painters

Like everyone, I like to be genuinely surprised from time to time. When it comes to music, I like it even more, because music often means something for someone. Last weekend, a friend introduced me to this new band, which I had never heard of before. It was something completely different from what I had listened to before. Still, I loved it. It opened something new to me and that I wish to share with you all as well. Continue reading