A shot in the dark movie night

20121225-010611.jpgTuesday is often a night where I train for football or otherwise settle in front of the television and watch football. Yesterday both possibilities were ruled out. There was no football shown on television and there was no training scheduled. Therefore a friend, my brother and I decided it would make a good night to go catch a movie. It had been a few week sinds we saw a movie together, so it got time to catch one again. Continue reading


Non regular Tuesday

Today was supposed to be just another regular Tuesday. You know, the kind of day where I wake up, eat breakfast and drink some coffee before I get my ass over to the office. Just to have another casual day of work and then head home. Okay, I in the meantime I have and even get into town to have a better cup of coffee, but that’s about as exciting as it gets. Then I go home, have dinner with my family and check my e-mail afterwards. All finished in time to get my ass over to the football club for a trainings night, but as you all very well understand already. Today not the day it was supposed to be. Continue reading