A friendly dinner with colleagues

sushi2-291x300In order to perform at a high standard, a department, within a company, should cooperate as a team. To achieve just that, a team building session or an occasional get away might be the perfect tool. Yesterday, the team I work in at the company I work for had such an occasional get away. After a few weeks of debating, we all agreed to have dinner together at a sushi restaurant in a city nearby. Just to meet one another in a different setting.

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A snow cold Friday

mzl.zmhqfmwv.175x175-75In every song people sing about how wonderful it would be to have a white Christmas. Knowing this you would think everyone would be happy when Mother Nature decides to give us some snow. Since it’s only a few more weeks until Christmas comes around, now is the time for snow and such. Well, the opposite turned out to be true, because we could not cope with the snow that was falling just this morning. Continue reading

A Skyfall of pancakes

Despite the fact that Friday is really a regular day of work for me, the evening tends to be a great kick-off for the weekend. This weekend turned out to be no different from the previous ones. With a full schedule ahead, I was happy to be able to leave the office a little earlier than I usually do. This gave me some time to freshen up a little and just get ready for all the exciting things I had planned for the night as it would be a busy one. Continue reading

Business and football

Monday is never my best day of the week, because I am usually a slow starter. Not to mention the fact it’s that first day just after the weekend. Then again, this Monday proved to be different as it had more to offer than just the start. During this first night of the week I had to attend a company event, with clients. In the business club off the football club we’re sponsoring, Sparta Rotterdam. Quite an exciting prospect. Continue reading

Fantasy Football

Since the beginning of the new NFL season I am competing in a competition of Pick’em. This means I have to predict which team is going to win and whether or not they will match the margin. I love it. I have this secret passion for American Football for quite some time now. So when it opportunity to prove my knowledge came along, I had to jump in. This week it got even more serious when I entered a true Football Fantasy competition. Continue reading

Crazy Friday

The past weekend has been busy, but my week has been kind of slow as my blog shows. Nothing much happened really, until the last day of my working week. That Friday became what I like to call a pretty busy day. There were two appointments I had to go to, a little social event at the company I work for and of course, Friday Night Football with my team. All fun things to do, but a bit (too) much for one day maybe? Continue reading

A lunch date

Let’s just say that Thursday turned out to be a harassing day for me. I had a hard time getting myself out of bed and be on time for work. Just today turned out to be one of those days everything seemed to go against me. I had to disappoint a few of my good customers, because I help them out on a few problems and lots of other people we complaining. Therefore I was happy I was going to meet a friend for lunch who I had not seen in a while. Continue reading